Impressions for the Workshop of Illustrations Confuses

The second seminar of the European program "Heaven on Earth?", by our partners from France Dimitri Rekatchevski and Tonia Vasilakou, was held in the fully equipped modern studio Griffon, in Plaka .
In this tutorial we contacted the principles of Physical Theatre, where, through various exercises, the body leads to the formation of characters and situations , and with the principles of Mime and gestures (gestus) designed to bring the clarity and accuracy of actor on stage. There was an alloy of exercises and improvisations by Michael Chekhov, Marcel Marceau, Etienne Decroux, Jaques Lecoq and Meyerhold .
Day 1: Starting from contacting the ground, we activated our solar plexus, which then, began to mobilize more and more parts of the body and this energy flow was spread in 5 levels - first to the ground, then sitting, then finding balance relying on as few parts of the body as possible, after that standing having our gravity low and finally, as high as possible. Then, there were exercises to engage our gaze with any point which attracts our interest in space, and the corresponding motion to obtain this fantastic item. Also, we experimented having another row of these three stages, which created a recollection of each point chosen, within the body and the gaze. With mime exercises of Decroux, on one level, we isolated body parts from absolute slackness in absolute alertness with techniques such as the imaginary " hook " that either pulls us either we pull it. We felt an invisible magnet between both our wrists, which evolved into an improvisation of a prisoner, wearing white neutral masks and , energy succeeding one another, we invented ways of liberation.
Day 2: We began with a practice of Alexander technique, where the basin begins a small oscillation and ends to drift over the body, again in 5 levels . We repeated the previous exercises of isolation of Decroux, this time in all three dimensions of space and continued with some improvisations. Non- human, spontaneous improvisations of "ravishing" a non-earthy entity or of "selling" an imaginary product or other spontaneous movements unlocked non- daily actions , which were incorporated in a large group surreal improvisation on the dark world of the port described by Genet . Starting completely empty , with only a small physical memory, we built a world of "ravish" and "sell" of ourselves to him who had the role of the client, until there was anger and sacrifice of the human body, in the end.

Day 3 : We embodied the motion of the snail’s antennas in slow motion or acceleration, either alone or interacting in groups of three and then enriched even further the Decroux exercises, which led to non – emotional, broken movements, trying not to mean anything at all and going against any music sounded. Then we experimented by moving the worn neutral mask and within the logic of a mask that follows the lines of a fictional flag, we passed at the next masked improvisations; two lovers communicate, one from the world of the living and the other from the world of the dead, the author communicates with his muse, two ghosts annoy a living, who is trying to sleep . Finally, without masks, at groups of three, we improvised on “the Maids” of Genet where we incorporated many of the techniques that we got these three days.

In closing, we discussed with Dimitri and Tonia about our experiences during these three days - the ones we learned, and what they learned from us. Thus ended a very beautiful and really full 3-day workshop with two stunning and highly cooperative people

Votre seminar etait parfait!